The Sea Organ “Morske Orgulje” for Violin – Zadar, CROATIA

On our recent travels through Croatia, we stopped in Zadar to record the Sea Organ. Symphonic Planet’s Jonas Petersen performs with what sounded like a perfect orchestra accompanying him. Here is Jonas layering a beautiful solo over the Sea Organ. 🙂

The Sea Organ “Morske Orgulje” for Bass, Zadar, CROATIA

Noor Che’ree performs an improvisation floating over the sound of the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia. Merging sound waves with sea waves, the music disappeared into the night.

Victim of the Elements – MUSIC VIDEO – Death Valley, CA, USA

Symphonic Planet-Founders Jonas Petersen and Noor Che’ree are joined by Cellist/Photographer Michelle Packman and Artist/Flutist Audrey Zindler to create music inspired by this hot, desolate yet incredibly beautiful place.

The Singing Ringing Tree (teaser) – Burnley, ENGLAND

Composer Noor Che’ree sits under this architecture- haunting sound phenomenon composed of metal tubes resembling the shape of a tree. The Singing Ringing Tree stands on a hill overlooking a spectacular view of England. The short piece composed is honor of the Pendle Witches, a story and mountain that can be seen from the view.

Jurassic Coast – Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, Southern ENGLAND

Jonas Petersen composes a short 24 violins piece inspired by his visit to the Jurassic Coast in Southern England.

“The Fallen Kingdom” (excerpt) performed by Symphonic Planet Orchestra, Los Angeles, CA, USA

This piece of music was inspired by our trip to the island of Borneo, home to one of the oldest Rainforests in the world. It tells a story of incredible beauty and enormous loss, captured by Composer/Conductor Noor Che’ree and Arranger/Engineer Jonas Petersen