Instruments of Elements – Europe Expedition RECAP 2019

We are excited to share a short recap of our 2019 winter expedition to capture some of Europe’s most incredible man made instruments played by nature! Discover sounds and music composed from destinations like: Singing Ringing Tree in Burnley, Lancashire, Sea Organ & The Greeting to the Sun,in Zadar, Croatia, Aeolian Harp, near Negrar, Italy, Battistero di San Giovanni in Pisa, Italy and more!

Real Rock music at the Pisgah Lava Field – California, USA

Here’s a little recap-video from our trip to the Mohave Desert and the Pisgah Crater to create a virtual instrument out of Lava Rocks. It was an adventure, that is for sure!

Alena Murang – Use Your Passion to make a difference! Sarawak, Borneo/Malaysia

Professional Sape Performer, Alena Murang,speaks on how passion can create positive change.

Recording highlights from ZION/GRAFTON/BALLARAT, Utah/California, USA

Recordings Highlights from a short expedition to Zion National Park and the Ghost town of Grafton, UT